Another 'price tag' attack hits West Bank mosque

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Another 'price tag' attack hits West Bank mosque

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The finger of blame is pointing at Jewish settlers after another Palestinian mosque in the West Bank was vandalised in a so-called ‘price tag’ attack.

The words were daubed on the building, cars were torched in a nearby Arab village and olive trees damaged in the latest incident near Nablus.

Locals accuse Jewish settlers after some hardliners vowed to make Palestinians pay for Israel’s government dismantling illegal outposts.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said:

“Israel is very proud of being a great democracy with the rule of law and with equality before the law. So we will spare no efforts to bring anyone who offends the law into justice, be it Jewish or be it Arab or be it anyone else.”

On Monday, Israeli security forces demolished three homes in an unauthorised settler outpost. Hours later, part of a mosque in a Palestinian village was set ablaze and the words ‘price tag’ painted on its walls. An Israeli army base has also been attacked.