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First witnesses heard in Mubarak trial

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First witnesses heard in Mubarak trial


A key day at the trial of Hosni Mubarak in Cairo began with supporters of the ex-president trying to storm the courthouse, and being beaten back by police.

At today’s third session the first witnesses are heard; a police General, Hussein Saeed Mohamed Mursi and three colleagues, Emad Badr Saeed, Bassim Mohamed el-Otaify and Mahmoud Galal Abdel Hamid. They worked in the operations room that tried to repress the 18 days of protests that toppled Egypt’s ruler of 30 years. Some 850 people died.

The anti-Mubarak camp has not forgotten, and continues to demonstrate outside the court, too.

The 83 year-old was once again brought by helicopter and wheeled in on a hospital bed.

No cameras are being allowed into the proceedings to protect witnesses’ testimony.

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