Tripoli calls for freedom for all Libyans

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Tripoli calls for freedom for all Libyans

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On Friday the free Libyans of Tripoli came out in their tens of thousands to celebrate.

In some pockets of Libya the guns are still firing, so the demonstration was also in support of all those Libyans still waiting for their liberation in towns still held by Gaddafi loyalists.

Many of the women brought children with them to the victory celebrations, that would go on well into the night.

“We feel for our brothers in Syria and Yemen. May God give them victory and what he has given us,” said a woman holding a banner that read ‘Thanks to our brothers in Qatar, Tunisia, and the UAE’.

“We want a free Libya, without Gaddafi,” smiled her daughter.

It was the same jubilation among the men, and everywhere the same words of thanks for the nations that had helped them.

One group of young men bounced up and down on the spot; “Where are you, where are you, Gaddafi?” they jeered.

“Libyans came out at the end of Ramadan to proclaim the era of tyranny is over, and cry victory. They are also calling for a “Libya of Tomorrow”, and not the Saif al-Islam project built on regime slogans, but one built by themselves,” said euronews’ reporter Jamel Ezzedini.