Gaddafi fleeing south, says tribal leader

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Gaddafi fleeing south, says tribal leader

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As the hunt continues for the ousted Libyan leader, an appeal has gone out to tribes and desert communities not to give him shelter.

Euronews has seen leaflets distributed in remote areas, promising local people they will remain safe if they shun Gaddafi.

The former dictator and some of his family are said to have fled to the town of Bani Walid, but one tribal leader told euronews Gaddafi himself is still on the move.

Dr. Abdallah Kenchil from Bani Walid said: “We have confirmed information that the tyrant and his sons – especially Saif – went to Bani Walid. Saif spoke on Wednesday from there, even though he claimed he was in Tripoli.

“And, according to our relatives in Bani Walid, Gaddafi himself is now on his way to the south, or is already in the south, on his way to countries in the southern desert. This is confirmed.”

One Algerian newspaper claims Gaddafi went to the border town of Ghadamis and phoned the Algerian president appealing for refuge, but his call was not answered. His wife and three of his children fled there earlier.

On Thursday Gaddafi voiced defiance, vowing to wage what he called a battle of gangs and urban warfare. He is also warning his supporters will sabotage oil exports.

The country’s new leaders have extended by a week a deadline for Gaddafi loyalists in his hometown of Sirte to surrender.