Fugitive Gaddafi warns Libya 'will not surrender'

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Fugitive Gaddafi warns Libya 'will not surrender'

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Driven into hiding but still defiant, Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi is urging his supporters to fight on.

On the 42nd anniversary of the day he seized power in a coup, his latest audio messages warned of a long fight against rebels and their foreign allies.

“Libya will not surrender and will not be colonised,” Gaddafi insisted as tribal leaders met those now in charge of the capital.

This delegation from Bani Walid backed up reports that Gaddafi had been in the tribal bastion.

Speaking to our reporter in Tripoli, one leader said:

“Our relatives in Bani Walid told us Gaddafi is now in the south, heading to sub-Saharan countries. But his son Seif is still in Bani Walid. That is where he made his last speech, and many saw him in his white Chevrolet and recognised him.”

Reports suggest Ghadamis on the Algerian border has also been paid a visit by the fugitive Colonel. And some still believe he could be taking refuge in his hometown of Sirte.

Rebels have extended by a week a Saturday deadline for the surrender of the coastal city and other towns still in pro-Gaddafi hands. If this ultimatum is ignored, a fight to the death looks likely.