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London's 11-year-old rioter sentenced

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London's 11-year-old rioter sentenced


A UK court has given an 18-month youth rehabilitation order to an 11-year-old boy who stole a bin during the recent London riots.

According to police, the boy, who is from Romford, east London, was the youngest rioter to be prosecuted.

He took a rubbish bin worth £50 (56 euros) from a Debenhams shop in his neighbourhood on August 8. But this was not the boy’s first offence.

In July he cut seats off a bus and tried to set the foam on fire, for which he was given a referral order on August 3. After the driver didn’t allow him to leave the bus, he tried to smash the exit window and escape.

The judge, John Woollard, told him when he was sentenced “You seem to think that nobody can stop the way you behave.”

The boy’s local authority will decide where he will be living for the next six months, BBC reported.

Ali Sheikholeslami
London Correspondent

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