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Obama: veterans will not pay to balance budget

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Obama: veterans will not pay to balance budget


The US President has promised military veterans that they will not suffer from efforts to fix the country’s economic mess.

Barack Obama was addressing the American Legion, which has complained that veterans have a tough time finding work.

He said: “The bond between our forces and our citizens must be a sacred trust. And for me and my administration, upholding that trust is not just a matter of policy, it is not about politics. It is a moral obligation. As a nation, we are facing some tough choices as we put our fiscal house in order.

“But I want to be absolutely clear. We cannot, we must not, we will not balance the budget on the backs of our veterans. As Commander-in-Chief, I won’t allow it.”

Congress is due to receive a report claiming more than 20 billion euros has been wasted on contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama has said 10 years of war in the two countries had cost, in total, the equivalent of two-thirds of a trillion euros.

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