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  • WHO says there is a ‘risk of rapid spread’ of plague in Madagascar’s capital, adding it’s killed 40 out of 119 cases in country since August (Reuters)


  • Conan flops at US Box Office

    The highly anticipated action flick “Conan the Barbarian” is on its way to becoming one of this… 30/08/11 13:14 CET




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  • Mount Etna wakes up again

    Mount Etna erupted for the twelfth time since 2011. (filmed in Catania/Sicily by Andrew Azzopardi) 30/08/11 12:53 CET

  • Hurricane Irene seen from Montreal

    Hurricane Irene is seen from the St-Joseph Basilica on top of Mont-Royal in Montréal. Winds of up… 30/08/11 12:53 CET




  • The urban water course

    Water is at the heart of who we are, and everything we do. We live through water. On one level it… 30/08/11 18:28 CET

  • Singapore Blog 1

    ==Food for thought on the first day== We’ve just arrived in Singapore and the local fixer suggests… 30/08/11 14:49 CET

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