Rebels find Gaddafi arms dump in civilian area

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Rebels find Gaddafi arms dump in civilian area

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Libyan rebels have uncovered an ammunition dump they say Colonel Gaddafi’s forces had kept in a civilian district.

It was found close to the Yarmouk military base that was home to the elite Khamis brigade, named after Gaddafi’s youngest son.

euronews correspondent Jamel Ezzedini, at the scene, said the stockpile included anti-aircraft and anti-tank ammunition, mines and explosives.

The find provoked a furious reaction from one of the rebels. “Many houses in Libya are like this! How can he claim that this is a civilian house? This is not a civilian house, this is a murderer’s house! They have been killing us!” he cried, kicking some of the boxes in anger.

“He shot civilians using this, he has been killing our chilidren, our women using this, do you see this? He has been using this to kill us!”

A week ago the rebels celebrated wildly after finding a treasure trove of ammunition at the barracks itself. This even more unexpected haul gives the rebels new information about Gaddafi’s tactics.

“The ammunition, as you can see, has been stored in civilian neighbourhoods. They were used by Gaddafi’s regime because such areas weren’t attacked by NATO aircraft,” said another of the rebels.

Many times during the conflict the Gaddafi regime’s minders took journalists to what they said were civilian areas that had been bombed by NATO.

The rebels appear to have uncovered evidence that some of those areas were being used for military purposes.