More than 50 bodies found in Tripoli warehouse

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More than 50 bodies found in Tripoli warehouse

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One gruesome discovery after another is being made as fighting ebbs away in the Libyan capital and the evidence of mass killings emerges.

Our reporter Mustafa Bag saw the charred remains of more than 50 people at a warehouse in southern Tripoli. Witnesses believe they were gunned down and set on fire by pro-Gaddafi forces, earlier this week.

Khaled Khalef Khebir says his brother Abdulkhalim is one of the dead.

“They disappeared five months ago and had been transferred from one place to another,” another man explained.

Some believe that up to 150 people were killed after apparently being held in small cubicles at the site. It is unclear how many may have been civilians.

“They kept them inside. They gave them a bottle to have his toilet and they gave them a plate to eat, food to eat,” one man explained.

The massacre occurred at a military camp administered by Colonel Gaddafi’s son Khamis.

The fear is that this grim find won’t be the last.