Libyan rebels seal Tripoli and home in on Sirte

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Libyan rebels seal Tripoli and home in on Sirte

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As Libyan rebels seal their control of Tripoli, fighting has subsided. Despite scarce supplies and gruesome discoveries, there has even been talk of life beginning to return to normal.

Traffic police have been out directing cars amid a sea of bullet casings.

From Benghazi a rebel spokesman said they were now closing in on Sirte, Gaddafi’s home town.

“It’ll be liberated sooner or later, said Ahmed Bani. “In the event of a refusal to surrender, they will enter it by force”.

The town is the last coastal bastion of forces loyal to the colonel. The rebels say they are approaching Sirte from the west and are now only 100 kilometres away to the east – where they took Bin Jawwad on Sunday.

Their latest success, aided by NATO airstrikes, forced Gaddafi loyalists to flee after days of fighting.

But the rebels are now entering territory where he commands genuine support.

They have rejected an offer by Gaddafi’s spokesman saying he is ready to negotiate.