Parents find missing boy in Abu Salim

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Parents find missing boy in Abu Salim

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Among the bloodshed of the fighting in Tripoli’s Abu Salim area one family celebrated their own miracle.

As the rebels swept in last Sunday, 10-year-old Mohammad went on to the streets to watch history being made.

Injured in the chaos, he was taken to a local hospital where his parents eventually found him by chance.

The doctor who treated him said: ‘“We were trying to transfer him (to a better hospital), and suddenly the family arrived to look for him. They saw him in the ambulance and they were very, very shocked.”

The discovery brought a ray of joy into an area that has seen fierce fighting as rebels try to dislodge the last pockets of Gaddafi loyalists.

The boy’s mother told euronews: ‘“Over the past four days we couldn’t even eaten. We’ve spent those four days searching for him. We’ve eaten nothing. But thank God we’ve found him, and he’s alive.”

His father added: “I didn’t know he was here. They told me that there were bodies here and maybe my son was among them. I came to look, and it was only today that I found him. That’s five days I’ve been looking for him.”

Our correspondent in the Libyan capital reports that with the help of the Red Cross Mohammad has now been transferred to Tripoli’s Central Hospital, which has much better facilities to treat the boy.

Doctors say the youngster and his family are all doing well.