More unrest on day two of Chile's national strike

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More unrest on day two of Chile's national strike

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For the second day running, Chile’s national strike started peacefully, with good-humoured protests against the policies of President Pinera.

Led by students demanding free education, discontent is sweeping the nation.

“There is a big turnout of workers,” said Raul de la Puente, President of the National Association of Public Employees. Thanking students for their participation, he added: “We are together with them in this mobilisation. These movements are complementary. It is an expression of citizenship.”

But, like Wednesday, clashes erupted as breakaway groups battled with riot police. The government says hundreds of people have been detained over the course of the 48-hour stoppage. Dozens are reported injured.

Tensions have boiled over, with many Chileans feeling they are not sharing in their country’s economic miracle.