Libyan NTC faces twin challenge

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Libyan NTC faces twin challenge

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As the first weekend of the new Libyan government’s control of Tripoli approaches, there are two giant priorities for the Transitional National Council now setting up shop in the capital.

The first is finding the fugitive Muammar Gaddafi, and eliminating the final pockets of resistance in the city of two million people.

The second is raising money to pay for the urgent reconstruction and restoration of services and civil society. Without money the new adminstration may lose public support and fracture, so Turkey, leading the contact group helping the new government, has promised to immediately release 1.5 billion dollars of assets frozen by the UN.

With snipers still making many areas unsafe, government forces are now making house-to-house sweeps to flush them out, hampered by the fact many residents are still inside, too afraid to leave, and that they lack the training and equipment for this sort of operation.