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Russian officials search for spacecraft wreckage

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Russian officials search for spacecraft wreckage


Russian emergency workers are searching for the unmanned spacecraft that crashed in Siberia on Wednesday. The accident happened shortly after lift-off.

The Progress craft was supposed to be carrying supplies to the International Space Station. It was launched using a Soyuz rocket.

Investigators are trying to find out why it blew up and Roskosmos, the country’s space agency, has said it would step up safety and quality checks.

The ISS relies almost exclusively on Russian rockets to deliver supplies now that NASA has retired its space shuttles.

Officials said the six crew members on-board the station have enough food, water and oxygen to last several months.

The ISS is a joint project between NASA, Roskosmos and other international space agencies. It is set to stay in orbit until at least 2020.

The next Soyuz launch headed to the ISS is due on September 22. But both US and Russian space agency officials concede that mission could now be pushed back.

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