Jobs move bites Apple fans

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Jobs move bites Apple fans

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Around the world, many people have felt personally moved that Steve Jobs has stepped down as the chief executive of Apple Inc. The giant consumer electronics company’s co-founder has said he will go on as chairman of Apple.

He has been on medical leave since January, linked to impaired health from pancreatic cancer. Now he has passed the CEO reins to Tim Cook, who was chief operating officer.

Many are wondering how this step will affect the running of Apple — people in the industry, including competitors, and customers.

A tribute from Google’s Eric Schmidt called Jobs a unique historic American CEO who combined an artist’s touch with an engineer’s vision.

The role shift led one Tokyo resident to speculate: “Apple’s biggest attraction is that it always seems to be creating new products. I’m afraid that might slow down.”

The anticipation is about both the potential effects immediately and later, said analyst Mark Newman at the investment firm Sanford Bernstein:

“I think in the short term, not a big change. I think that there is potentially a lot of negative sentiment, there is a fear factor, because Steve Jobs has been a massive change to Apple recently. However, I think in the short term there is not a major change. Apple has quite a long product cycle and all the next generation products have already been designed.”

British writer Tony Parsons puts Steve Jobs’ creativity in the same basket as Leonardo da Vinci.

His departure from the Apple pilot seat seems to lend new significance to the famous logo with the bite taken out.