Gaddafi forces fight on outside Tripoli

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Gaddafi forces fight on outside Tripoli

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Libyan rebels may lay claim to controlling most of the country but where Gaddafi loyalists are still fighting, the confrontations are fierce.

In the town of Zawarah, rebels remain defiant despite being surrounded.

But the shelling of rebel positions has already left six people dead and many more injured.

The locals have called for help from nearby Zintan but most of the rebel fighters have been sent to Tripoli.

“Let’s hope this is the last battle in the western region, next to the Tunisian border,” said one rebel fighter. “Regions of Zawarah, Ras Jamile, Ziltan are still pro-Gaddafi, but God willing, we will win the battle in the coming hours.”

Sporadic fighting is continuing in pockets around western Libya. At the main airport pro-Gaddafi bombardments are pinning down rebels.

But most see the clashes as the death throws of the old regime.

euronews reporter Jamel Ezzedini said: “Here at the gates of the city of Zawarah the latest battle between the rebels and the forces of Gaddafi has been played out. The battle is over, and the rebels say now there is nothing Gaddafi and his forces can do in the new Libya but to recognise there is a new leader, it is the Libyan people.”