Euronews inside Gaddafi's Tripoli base

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Euronews inside Gaddafi's Tripoli base

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There is jubilation among Libyan rebels in the grounds of Colonel Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli.

Euronews correspondent Mustafa Bag, who is there, said: “Here in the garden of Bab al-Aziziya we can see an entrance to the tunnel network. This is Gaddafi’s supposed escape route in times of war. The entrance here leads to two tunnels, the first goes to Buslim, the other to the airport. But there’s no indication that Gaddafi took either way out.”

Our correspondent reports heavy fighting in Buslim at the end of one of those tunnels.

Rebel fighters left little untouched as they overran Gaddafi’s heavily fortified base in the south of the capital two days ago.

It is a sprawling compound, six kilometres square, and housed military barracks, a mosque, a swimming pool, a football field and the leader’s own private residence.

As they vented their anger on potent symbols of 42 Gaddafi years a plume of black smoke rose over the city proving the fight is far from over.

A rebel convoy had hurried from Misrata when the scale of the task in Tripoli became clear.

Euronews correspondent Mustafa Bag reports: “The United States bombed this symbolic building in 1986. Before this war, Colonel Gaddafi challenged the coalition saying ‘Come and get me.’ Now the rebels are here and firing in the air to celebrate their victory.”