euronews enters Gaddafi's tunnels

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euronews enters Gaddafi's tunnels

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After rebels overran Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound at Bab al-Aziziya earlier this week, euronews correspondent Mustafa Bag has been able to inspect parts of what is believed to be a complex tunnel network underneath the camp.

It is through this subterranean maze that the Colonel is thought to have fled before the assault on the barracks.

Described by one military analyst as ‘Gaddafi’s Pentagon’, it’s believed the network of tunnels and bunkers leads to adjoining districts and possibly all the way to the coast.

As well as a military barracks it housed a mosque, a swimming pool, a football pitch and a private residence.

But analysts say Gaddafi’s loyalists could have fled through the tunnels to nearby neighbourhoods to confront rebels.

The camp has often been targeted by NATO in this and previous campaigns. In 1986 it was bombed by US warplanes.

Bab al-Aziziya is seen by the rebels as a potent symbol of 42 years under the Gaddaffi dictatorship.