Libyan rebels claim unity

Euronews correspondent Jamel Ezzedini has been with rebel factions in various parts of Tripoli. He asked them about how they succeeded in taking the


How rosy Apple without Jobs?

Stepping aside, Steve Jobs is confident his company will thrive. His resignation as chief executive of Apple has brought speculation about how well


Gold loses its lustre

Investors are bailing out of gold and on Thursday it was down around $200 from Tuesday’s record high. They are cashing in their gains and waiting


Tripoli rebels pick up pieces

Tripoli is relatively calm for the first time since the rebels flung their concerted force into dislodging the old guard. The next phase, while


Israeli-Palestinian truce shaky

Palestinian deaths from Israeli air strikes and Palestinian rocket launchings from the Gaza Strip into Israel are threatening the truce which each


Jobs move bites Apple fans

Around the world, many people have felt personally moved that Steve Jobs has stepped down as the chief executive of Apple Inc. The giant consumer

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Celebrations in Tripoli

Hundreds of Libyan rebels blasted through the green gates of Muammar Gadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli as they killed loyalist troops