Syrian opposition established National Council

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Syrian opposition established National Council

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Syrian opposition is very close to have its leadership. Opponents declared the establishment of National Council following their 3-day meeting in Istanbul. Members of th eCouncil will be determined in two weeks time from now. It is said that they will pick 60 members from opposition groups outside of Syria and 60 members from Syria. At the end of the process Council will elect its leader and opposition will take over Syria if and when Assad regime falls.

Same question was posed to many opposition members by euronews in Istanbul: “Whatever we say it is a fact that leaders in the Middle East are important. Will the opposition choose a leader for themselves?” Louay Safi from Syrian American Council, said “definitely we will elect a leader. You will see. In two weeks we will gather, we will choose one and opposition will have a leader in person.” Hassan Al Hachimi, who travels back and forth to form the coalition has similar ideas. He says “we can say that the work of the Syrian leadership opposition has started. In ten days it will be completed. Because there are lots of parties involved in this opposition that yet we are in touch with them. We are leaving Istanbul this time to complete this process.”

For Syrian opposition Assad is no longer a counterpart. They do not listen to what he says. They believe his latest statements are too late. Hachimi, points out this fact “That time has passed. Syrian opposition is in agreement this regime to leave after all massacres and killings.”

Leaders who attended Istanbul meetings are very cautious. They try to move step by step and they oppose any kind of international military intervention.

Louay Safi says “we oppose any kind of international military intervention. Off course we would like to have international community to work with us to support demands for democracy, put diplomatic pressure, all kind of pressures even economic pressures to make sure that regime not continue killing those who are calling peacefully for reform and democracy.”

Another opponent, who does not want to be named, said Syrian opposition is very close to be united. “Not all, but almost all opposition groups from outside of the country attended or supported this movement. And nearly 80 per cent of internal opposition are with us. So we are very close to the end in process of establishing a leadership.”

The host country’s attitude is welcomed by Syrian opposition. They appreciate Turkey’s opening doors to their meetings and understand that Turkish government has other priorities. “We believe that Turkey is with the Syrian people and respect the demands of our people” said Safi.

Syrian opposition is on the edge of forming their leadership after 6 months of struggle. Most probably they will gather again in Istanbul and with its new leadership ask for Assad to step down louder.

Bora Bayraktar, euronews