Search for Gaddafi centres on southern Tripoli

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Search for Gaddafi centres on southern Tripoli

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There is fighting reported in southern areas of Tripoli where Libyan rebel commanders believe Muammar Gaddafi might be in hiding.

The hunt has been on for the embattled Libyan leader ever since the popular uprising flooded into the capital Tripoli.

Gaddafi’s flamboyant appearances have been reduced to indistinct audio messages sent from undisclosed locations.

In the latest broadcast he claimed to have been on the streets of Tripoli incognito.

If he has left the capital it is possible Gaddafi has made for Sirte in his home region where he could still find some popular support.

Rumours that he has already left Libya are being given less creedence in international circles.

Rebel leaders believe he might be holed up in the al-Hadhba al-Khadra district in the south of Tripoli where fighting has erupted.

Gaddafi was last seen in public in mid-June with the president of the International Chess Federation. He said Gaddafi had told him he had no intention of leaving the country. Gaddafi has said publicly several times that he will remain to the end.