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Rebels improvise in Tripoli

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Rebels improvise in Tripoli


With breaks for self-congratulation in Tripoli, real skirmishing continues. The rebels are improvising in their drive to defeat Muammar Gaddafi loyalists.

Euronews correspondent Mustafa Bag has been moving around in the battle zone, finding out what he can, trying to sort out facts, disinformation and rumours.

Bag said: “In Tripoli’s al-Mansoura district especially, there are intense clashes going on. This is because of Mansoura’s proximity to the towns of Muslin and Dahra, where the people support Gaddafi. NATO warplanes are bombing Gaddafi-controlled parts of Bab al-Azizia, and Muslin and Dahra.

“The main worry and fear in Tripoli is of a possible chemical attack. Gaddafi has not made a threat of this kind but the rebels worry about an attack like that.”

Euronews asked him – “There are claims that pro-Gaddafi soldiers have been shelling some parts of Tripoli, including Gaddafi ‘s Bab al-Aziziya compound which is now in rebel hands. Can you confirm this?”

Bag said: “No, I can not confirm that. But there are said to be Gaddafi mercenaries remaining within the compound, who are from other African countries and who are going to fight till their last drop of blood because they have no chance of escape.”

“In Gaddafi’s birthplace, Sirte, tribes are talking to each other about surrendering to the rebels without a fight. Some of them have said that is what they intend to do.”

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