Libyans abroad: 'we suffered so much' under Gaddafi

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Libyans abroad: 'we suffered so much' under Gaddafi

Libyans abroad: 'we suffered so much' under Gaddafi
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Amid the mounting international calls for Gaddafi to go, Libyans abroad have continued to celebrate rebel successes.

In neighbouring Egypt, Libyans took to the streets of Cairo. Some sang the old royalist national anthem, the one the colonel got rid of.

But they also came to protest that the Gaddafi-era flag was still flying.

“I’m here in Cairo for the Libyan embassy to lower its flag and raise the flag of independence,” said protester Omar Ahmed.

Later Egypt’s military rulers changed position and formally recognised the Libyan rebel national council. The announcement came on state TV, quoting the foreign minister.

The new flag was flying in Turkey, where Libyans outside their country’s embassy in Ankara celebrated.

They also made clear their contempt for the dictator they want overthrown, smashing and stamping on Gaddafi’s portrait, and burning his green flag.

One woman demonstrator said:

“Although Libya had oil, educated people earned less money. People had no value, low pay. We faced violence. We’ve suffered so much. We were denigrated. He, Gaddafi, put all the money in his pocket.”

Later this week Turkey will host diplomats from the Libya contact group of NATO countries which have taken part in the campaign, to discuss the next phase.

Elsewhere, in the Arab world, there has been further support for the rebels: from the Arab League, the Palestinian Authority, from Hamas in Gaza.