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Our correspondent: "Gaddafi loyalists exploiting confusion"

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Our correspondent: "Gaddafi loyalists exploiting confusion"


euronews correspondent Mustafa Bag is following developments in Libya closely, on the ground. Between periods of calm and violence, he sent this report by phone:

“Control of Tripoli is mostly still in the hands of the rebels. I have been told that the airport is under rebel control, but I can not confirm that because there is intense fighting along the route to the airport, so I can not get to it. Some areas between it and the presidental palace are still in the hands of Gaddafi loyalists.”

“There are rumours that some Gaddafi soldiers have been impersonating rebels, carrying opposition flags. This has alarmed the rebels because they do not have full control or organisation even among themselves. I heard that Gaddafi soldiers intend to use ‘hit and run’ tactics.”

“What Gaddafi’s son said to foreign media after his capture created confusion among the rebels and the public.”

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