Jubilant Libyan rebels hunt for Gaddafi in Tripoli

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Jubilant Libyan rebels hunt for Gaddafi in Tripoli

Jubilant Libyan rebels hunt for Gaddafi in Tripoli
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More Libyan rebels have been joining forces in Tripoli, as government soldiers held out in pockets.

The opponents of the more than 40-year absolute leader Muammar Gaddafi said snipers and tanks were a problem.

A senior rebel said they were still taking losses.

Two of Gaddafi’s sons were captured but the Transitional National Council say they have not found Muammar Gaddafi himself.

The weekend saw some of the heaviest fighting of Libya’s six-month civil war.

Libyan rebel commander Nadir Kubar said: “So he play his last cards, if you can say (that), his last game he don’t have. And even his big corner in his army, they lose control. So all of the army of Gaddafi now they fight without any order, without anything.”

South Africa denied reports it had sent a plane for Gaddafi.

NATO said it would bomb any Gaddafi forces who kept on fighting although the Western alliance added that the transition of power must be peaceful.

Rebel troops launched headlong for Tripoli on Saturday night, on three fronts.

The EU said “We are witnessing the last moments of the Gaddafi regime” and that “Libya is entering a new era. “

Some reports say another of Gaddafi’s sons is leading resistance at his father’s Bab al-Azizya compound in the port area of Tripoli.