Judge postpones Mubarak hearing until September

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Judge postpones Mubarak hearing until September

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Chaos and disarray both within and without the court room marked the second appearance of Hosni Mubarak at his trial in Cairo.

Along with the ousted president’s two sons, the former leader is charged with corruption but Mubarak is also accused of ordering the use of live ammunition on protesters .

To streamline proceedings the judge ordered the trial be merged with that of Mubarak’s interior minister who is on similar charges.

Rowdy exchanges among 150 lawyers went on to mar proceedings.

Outside pro and anti Mubarak factions were kept apart by police. News that TV coverage of the trial was to be banned from now on angered many.

Protesters want the camera there to ensure transparency.

The resulting clashes reflected the pent-up anger many feel after Mubarak’s 30-year-rule and the deaths of more than 850 people during the uprising which unseated him.

The next hearing has been postponed until September 5.