English courts sit all night to hear riot cases

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English courts sit all night to hear riot cases

English courts sit all night to hear riot cases
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Hundreds of people arrested on suspicion of taking part in England’s wave of riots and looting have been appearing in court. Magistrates in several cities sat throughout the night because of the backlog of cases, often involving teenagers.

Police in London say nearly 900 people have been arrested,with more than 370 charged.

The capital’s mayor, Boris Johnson, stressed the authorities would remain alert.

“Nobody should be in any doubt that the problem is over, no one should think that we are remotely complacent about this,” he said. “People who go out to steal, who go out to riot, people who go out to disturb the peace of others in the city will continue to be met with the full force of the law.”

A huge police presence and rain in some areas prevented a fifth successive night of violence.

With up to 16,000 police on the streets, London saw little trouble, with one or two exceptions. Officers are due to be out in similar numbers again tonight before the situation is reviewed.

Police have permission to use baton rounds and can call on water cannon if necessary.

In Birmingham a 32-year-old man has been arrested after three men were run down by a car and killed as they tried to protect their areas from looters.

It has plunged the Asian community into mourning. The father of one of the victims has described how he rushed to one young man’s aid only to discover it was his own son.

Tariq Jahan has appealed for calm.