Youth violence spreads to several UK cities

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Youth violence spreads to several UK cities

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“The worst unrest seen in the northern city of Manchester for 30 years” – that was the verdict of Manchester’s senior police officer after a night of looting and vandalism.

Hooded youths broke into shops and took what they wanted in copy cat behaviour of the previous night’s events in London.

Locals were warned to avoid Manchester city centre and workers were advised to hurry home before nightfall.

Police arrested dozens of individuals and vowed to detain more after studying CCTV video recordings in the days ahead to identify suspects.

In Salford in Greater Manchester, youths took on riot police although no injuries were reported.

Birmingham saw a second night of unrest in which cars were burned and stores raided, but this time the police response was swift.

Elsewhere a police station was fire bombed by a group of 40 or so males in the city of Nottingham.

After the troubles in London, West Midlands police had prepared contingency plans with 400 dedicated officers working extended shifts across the region in addition to local officers to protect communities.