London riots spread to other UK cities

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London riots spread to other UK cities

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Rioting and looting has spread across London and on to several other cities in Britain’s worst unrest in decades.

For a third night in the capital, mainly hooded youths went on the rampage attacking police and setting buildings and cars ablaze. The scenes of wanton destruction have shocked the country.

Hundreds of arrests have been made but it appears the rioters have been able to stay one step ahead of police by coordinating action through mobile phones and Twitter.

The trouble started on Saturday night in Tottenham when a peaceful protest over the police’s fatal shooting of a suspect two days earlier turned violent.

Copy cat riots in Liverpool saw running battles with police. Other cities hit by lawlessness and looting include Manchester and Bristol.

In central England in Birmingham police have more than 100 arrests.

The outbreak of violence has taken the authorities by surprise…It appears to be led by youths disaffected by years of unemployment even before the latest economic downturn.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short his holiday to return home and will chair a meeting of the government’s emergencies committee, Cobra to tackle the violence.