Cameron recalls UK parliament to debate riots

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Cameron recalls UK parliament to debate riots

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British prime minister David Cameron says parliament will be recalled on Thursday following the wave of rioting and street violence in England.

He had flown home early from holiday for a crisis summit with police and security chiefs.

The prime minister condemned the violence as “criminality… pure and simple”’. He has promised more robust policing, with more officers on the streets: numbers will be more than doubled on Tuesday night in the capital, from 6000 to 16,000.

Cameron also vowed there would be arrests in the coming days. The perpetrators of the violence, he said, would “feel the full force of the law”.

The violence has spread from London to several English cities, including Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and Nottingham.

There has been surprise at the scale and ferocity of the destruction, which has been described as “unprecedented”, and “wanton criminality”.

Over the past three days there have been 450 arrests in London. 44 police officers were injured in the capital on Monday night.

Insurers estimate the damage is likely to cost “tens of millions of pounds”.

England’s football match against the Netherlands which was due to take place on Wednesday has been cancelled.