Syria increasingly isolated as ambassadors leave

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Syria increasingly isolated as ambassadors leave

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With the popular uprising in Syria being ever more brutally repressed Syria finds itself being deserted by several Arab countries and under increasing diplomatic pressure from the EU and USA.

Saudi Arabia led the way, calling its ambassador in Damascus home for consultations, and King Abdallah called on Syria to “Stop its death machine before it was too late”.

The Saudis were followed in turn by Kuwait and Bahrain calling in their ambassadors, and the six-nation Gulf Co-operation Council will soon meet to discuss the Syrian crisis.

The Arab League also made its first condemnation of the violence in Syria, and Turkey’s foreign minister is due in Damascus on Tuesday bearing messages from Ankara and Washington.

The EU’s special envoy for the Southern Mediterranean region added his condemnation of the ongoing massacres.

“We have made very clear that the regime has gone beyond what is acceptable for the international community. It is exerting an unacceptable violence against its population,”

said Bernadino Leon in Cairo.

Human rights organisations in Syria claim the death toll is now well over 2,000, most of them civilians, in the protests that have now become daily since first erupting on March 15.