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Museum draws back the Iron Curtain

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Museum draws back the Iron Curtain

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The Iron Curtain Museum has opened in a former Communist police border control building on the Czech/German border. The museum documents the Cold War with more than 800 photographs on display.

Museum Director and founder Vaclav Vitovec explained: “The exhibition starts with World War One, which was the catalyst for many of the events of World War Two. Soviet forces were involved in 70 percent of the fighting, and following the Soviet victory, communism was introduced across all Soviet occupied territories. Czechoslovakia became socialist. In fact it was the outcome of World War Two that led to the construction of the Iron Curtain in Europe.”

Vaclav Vitovec said the restrictions on freedom of movement from behind the Iron Curtain are difficult to imagine now: “You needed a valid passport, visas, and valid exit visas, which was the main problem, confirmation that you would return, an army ID (for men), bank statements about the permitted sale of currency and valid and stamped currency and duty declarations. You couldn’t leave the country without these papers. Young people today absolutely cannot imagine this.”

The exhibition also looks at other walls and barriers around the world.

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