Ongoing struggle of Chile's miracle miners

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Ongoing struggle of Chile's miracle miners

Ongoing struggle of Chile's miracle miners
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A low-key ceremony has been held in Chile commemorating the first anniversary of the mining accident that left 33 men trapped underground for 69 days.

The entire world held its breath during the rescue operation and breathed a collective sigh of relief as the men were brought to safety.

Chile’s President Sebastian Pineira was at the ceremony, but two of the miners refused to attend.

Most of them are struggling to rebuild their lives and feel they have been abandoned.

Few are in steady employment and most are finding it hard to make ends meet.

“We have a law suit against the National Service of Geology and Mining so that what happens to us never happens again to the next generation,” said one of the miners, Juan Carlos Aguilar.

That is a decision that has divided public opinion but in the mine’s hometown, Copiapo, people are aware of how the miners continue to suffer.

“I think the miners have been left behind. After all that happened to them they need more support,” said one man.

There are still plans to turn their amazing story of survival and the mammoth rescue effort into a Hollywood film which should help financially.

But the mental scars many still bear will be much harder to heal.