The Devil's Double: Iraq's dark heart

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The Devil's Double: Iraq's dark heart

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The Devil’s Double is a new film about Iraq. But instead of dealing with the American invasion like so many other recent films, it deals with Baghdad in its heyday during the 80s.

Dominic Cooper takes the autobiographical role of the writer, Latif Yahia, who was forced to become a decoy body double for Urday Hussein, one of Saddam Hussein’s brutally sadistic sons.

Latif Yahia, who wrote the script, said: “I lost my identity completely when I was in Iraq. They even issued a death certificate for me. It took a long time, even after I left for the West. It took five years between psychology doctors and counselling, and yeah, the scar, you carry it with you your whole life.”

The role was a challenge for the film’s star Dominic Cooper, but his performance has been well received by critics.

Extremely violent and disturbing, the film will not appeal to everyone, but nevertheless has a serious story to tell.

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