Egyptians welcome Mubarak's trial appearance

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Egyptians welcome Mubarak's trial appearance

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Egyptians have been reacting their ailing president’s trial in Cairo.

Both democracy activists and Islamist supporters were eager to see Mubarak in court to answer for his hardline 29-year rule.

“I hope he gets a life sentence not execution. I want to see him suffer in prison,” said one in central Cairo.

“We want him jailed for life. We lived in pain for so many years,” said Abdul Fattah, who was watching the trial on state television.

In central Cairo, people gather in cafes and shops to watch proceedings that some argue will never deliver justice for ordinary Egyptians.

“What do I think of this trial? Well, if a poor person did something wrong, they would skin him the next day. Those in the dock have made their fair share of mistakes but nobody can ever put them at fault. That’s the truth of the matter,” said Mahmoud Said.

On Tuesday, police removed the last of protesters from Tahrir Square. There are frustrations at the pace of democratic change.

While activists welcome Mubarak being brought to book, their biggest concern is the dismantling of the police state that he headed.