No Al Fresco coffee for Cameron

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No Al Fresco coffee for Cameron

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Italians may be used to drinking their coffee Al Fresco or outside.

But the renowned hospitality wasn’t extended to one VIP at a cafe in the Tuscan town of Montevarchi.

When British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered a round of coffees and asked for them to be taken to his table outside, Barista Francesca Ariani told him she was too busy.

“He ordered two cappuccinos and an espresso and thinking he was an ordinary tourist, I made them for him,” said the 27-year-old waitress.

“Then he asked me if I could serve them at his table but I told him I was alone and very busy with other customers so I couldn’t,” she added.

“I then realised I had made a blunder.”

The embarrassment has not stopped the British media from accusing Cameron of being stingy for not leaving a tip.

She apologised to the British premier adding: “I’d like to invite him here again and we will treat him with due respect and I will serve him a cappuccino at his table.”