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Greek taxi drivers disrupt airport traffic on Crete

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Greek taxi drivers disrupt airport traffic on Crete


Greek taxi drivers have stepped up their protests against EU/IMF inspired reforms by disrupting tourism at the height of the summer season.

They blocked access to the main airport on Crete forcing passengers to abandon their tour busses making them walk to catch their flights.

A tourist heading to Iraklion airport on foot said:

“ For me personally I think this is ridiculous. Tourists have nothing to do with the Greek problems and I think especially in a financial difficult situation, where tourists bring alot of money into the country, I think it’s important that also the cab drivers should consider that.”

As taxi drivers tried to occupy the terminal police blocked their way. The industrial action has entered its third week after talks over plans to open up the sector to competition collapsed.

Tourists looked on taking the odd photo they never expected to have as a memento of their Greek holiday.

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