NATO removes Serbia-Kosovo border roadblocks

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NATO removes Serbia-Kosovo border roadblocks

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NATO troops on Monday removed three roadblocks close to the Serbia-Kosovo border where violence flared last week.

The barricades were set up by ethnic Serbs living in north Kosovo after Pristina issued a tit-for-tat imports ban on Serbian products.

At least five roadblocks remain in place, despite the Kosovan government calling on the protesters to leave

“We want to show that we do not take ultimatums from Pristina, we are with our Mother Serbia and we will do this only be peaceful means and with dignity,” said one ethnic Serb man.

The demonstrators initially sealed off two border crossings between the two countries.

One has now re-opened after the intervention by NATO peacekeepers.

The alliance has declined to comment on whether it plans to remove the remaining roadblocks.

Belgrade and Kosovo’s Serb minority have never recognised the Pristina government since it declared independence from Serbia three years ago.