Crunch US debt vote underway

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Crunch US debt vote underway

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Lawmakers in the US Congress were voting on Monday to approve the last minute $2.4 trillion deal to raise the United States’ debt borrowing limit.

The plan which was backed by the White House on Sunday night, would allow the $14.3 trillion credit ceiling to be increased, preventing the US defaulting on its debt.

Republican leaders said they were “optimistic” the vote will go through. Vice President Joe Biden spent the day trying to convince those still undecided including House of Representatives Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi, who criticised the lack of new taxes for America’s wealthiest.

But many ordinary Americans are angry that the deal took so long to be done. “I’m mad and extremely disappointed at the state of our government and how its descended to a point of gridlock where nothing gets done,” said Harold Henderson from Florida.

But Dave Johnson from Houston, Texas doesn’t think the deal goes far enough: “We need a bigger plan. We need people that are willing to make the hard decisions. But right now in this country making the hard decisions doesn’t get you re-elected,” he said.