Last supper for "world's most famous" eatery

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Last supper for "world's most famous" eatery

Last supper for "world's most famous" eatery
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It’s been described as the world’s most famous restaurant.

But Spain’s financial crisis has taken its toll on the tiny Calatan restaurant El Bulli owned by Chef Chef Ferran Adria.

The famous owner will serve his last supper on Saturday and has announced he wants to open a cookery education centre in 2014.

“We now give 140 concertos a year,” said Adria, referring to the number of days of the year El Bulli is open. “From 2014, we will dedicate more time to composition rather than to playing”.

Adria has been lauded as the world’s “most imaginative” haute cuisine chef.

But critics say his dishes are “pretentious” and claim his more scientific approach to cooking, known as molecular gastronomy, is unhealthy.

But Adria says he’s flattered by the criticism. “I communicate with other disciplines – art, design and science. There’s always criticism of innovation and that is a good thing. If people don’t understand what you are doing, then it means you are leading the way.”

The day everybody “gets it” is the day you should worry” said the 49-year-old chef.

It’s reported that El Bulli has been running at a loss since 2000.

Despite getting two million requests for bookings every year, the restaurant accommodates just 8,000 clients annually and is only open for a few months of the year.

Customers pay an average of 250 euros a meal.