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Poland faults Russia in presidential plane crash report


Poland faults Russia in presidential plane crash report

A Polish government commission has laid the blame on Russian ground staff and Polish air crew  for the plane crash in the western city of Smolensk last year which killed then Polish President, Lech Kaczynski.
After 15 months deliberation the panel of experts showed, with an animated film, the final moments of the TU-154 Tupolev jet as it came into land in thick fog.
“There was no real cooperation between Russian air controllers and the Polish crew. The flight controller even said to the pilot: “You are on the correct path”. They were misguiding the crew and the crew didn’t suspect they were doing anything wrong,” explained Interior Minister Jerzy Miller.
Along with the president, 95 others died in the disaster. The commission also reported the lighting systems at Smolensk airport were faulty and inadequate.
Its investigation had sharp criticism too for the Polish air crew who it said lacked appropriate training while some equipment on board the jet was not properly prepared.
Witin hours of the report the Polish Defence Minister, Bogdan Klich, quit.
Russia’s handling of the crash was initially widely praised. Relationships between Moscow and Warsaw deteriorated when a Russian report in January laid full blame for the disaster on Poland. 


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