Defence Minister quits in light of crash report

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Defence Minister quits in light of crash report

Defence Minister quits in light of crash report
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It has been confirmed the Polish Defence Minister, Bogdan Klich has quit the government.

His resignation comes after the Polish report into the plane crash in Smolensk.

The doomed flight was a military plane and it is understood Klich felt his continued presence in the government could hamper recommendations in the report being put into practice.

His resignation was expected and comes three months before a parliamentary election.

Poland’s Prime Minister, Donald Tusk speaking to the press outlined the findings of his governments commission.

“In the report, you will find conclusions which are missing in the Russian report. It points out the mistakes and the faults at Smolensk airport and also with the Russian flight controllers work,” he said.

Apportioning blame for the crash in the report in which top military commanders were also killed has sharpened focus on the long running arguments between the two countries. Russia published its findings in January.

Oleg Smirnov is a Russian aviation expert who turned the spotlight on the role of the jet’s flight crew.

“The most important aspect is that this report has confirmed the conclusion of the Russian commission, which had Polish specialists working on it, and that is that the cause of the accident was an insufficient level of crew preparation for such a flight,” he said.

Polish protesters marked the first anniversary of the crash last April outside the Russian embassy in Warsaw, calling Valdimir Putin a murderer and their own prime minister a traitor.

It remains to be seen if these latest findings will bring to a close the questions on what went wrong.