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Iran: forgotten stories

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Iran: forgotten stories


Theatre reportage is a title that Annet Henneman uses for her style of performance in which she tries to give voice to the voiceless.
“Iran: forgotten stories” is the latest production of her company Teatro di Nascosto, or Hidden Theatre, which tells tales of Iranian protesters.

Director and actor Henneman, who has travelled in Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan and India, attempts to bridge the gap between performance and journalism. Through her work, real-life stories are performed, stories of those who don’t get the chance to tell their stories, those who are repressed.

“Iran: forgotten stories” was performed in School of Oriental and African Studies in London at the weekend. It tells the story of a student who leaves home to attend the street protests without telling his parents. It also narrates tales from the prison, of those who have been jailed because of their objections.

Annet Henneman and two of the performers, Arabella Lawson and Pascal Porcheron, spoke to euronews after the performance. Watch the video for the interviews and parts of the performance.

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