Faces are matched to the names of Norway's young dead

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Faces are matched to the names of Norway's young dead

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Norwegian police have released the names of a further 13 victims of Anders Breivik’s killing spree. But the media are ahead of them, publishing more photos with snippets of lives lost.

Fourteen-year-old Sharidyn is the youngest to have died in the shootings on Utoeya Island.

Although the flower carpet of remembrance outside Oslo’s cathedral is growing larger, the country is trying to move forward.

Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg has promised financial help with funerals but most significantly he has announced a security review.

“It’s important to have a thorough investigation to learn lessons from the worst attack on Norway since the Second World War. We have chosen to call it the July 22 Commission,” said Stoltenberg.

The police – under pressure over their response to the massacre – have given details of how they apprehended Breivik.

“We moved through challenging terrain,” said Police Officer Jacob Bjertnaes. “But eventually we entered the woods and suddenly, immediately in front of us was the perpetrator. He stood before us and he raised his arms in the air.”

Utoeya remains a focus for grief – 68 of the 76 people who died in last Friday’s twin bombing and shooting attack were on the island.

Once the rawness of the hurt has lessened, a Norwegian billionaire has promised to restore it to a place of beauty.