Jens Stoltenberg: Norway will not be intimidated

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Jens Stoltenberg: Norway will not be intimidated

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Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has met representatives of the international press at his residence in Oslo.

The PM has won backing for his handling of the crisis with 80 percent of Norwegians reckoning he has performed “extremely well”.

He stressed again his country’s commitment to democratic values.

“We will not be intimidated or threatened by these attacks. The aim of such attacks is to spread fear and panic. We will not let that happen. We must stand firm in defending our values, Norway is an open, tolerant and inclusive society,” he told reporters.

Oslo continues to grieve for those who lost their lives in the twin attacks. The prime minister announced there would be a review into police response and security measures after a period of mourning.

He added he welcomed a debate on security and believed the events of last Friday would lead to an increased interest in political activity among Norwegians.