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British extreme right may have influenced Breivik

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British extreme right may have influenced Breivik


Anders Breivik – Norway’s self confessed mass killer – may have been influenced by extreme right wing groups in Britain.

The editor of a UK based anti-fascist magazine has made a close study of the website belonging to the English Defence League. He claims Breivik may have been inspired by images of some of its members showing off guns.

Nick Lowles, editor of “Searchlight Magazine” said: “People are brandishing all sorts of weapons that can kill people. And yet, the police do not believe that this is an organisation that’s worth for it to keep an eye on.”

Britain’s Home Office remains sceptical and the EDL denies having official contact with Breivik.

During a press conference his lawyer, Geir Lippestad said his client thought he was conducting a war and that in his opinion, Breivik’s whole case indicated that he was insane.

He also revealed that Breivik had taken drugs before his killing spree “to be strong, to be efficient, and to keep himself awake.”

Police in Norway have now detonated a cache of explosives found at a farm leased by Breivik. Friday’s bomb in central Oslo, which killed eight people, was made from fertiliser. Breivik has admitted buying the substance under the cover of being a farmer.

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