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Victims tell of the the horror of Utoeya massacre

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Victims tell of the the horror of Utoeya massacre


Ingvild Stensrud, a Norwegian Labour party youth leader, has been recalling the horrors and the fear of Friday when she was caught in the sights of the gunman.

“After a heavy salvo of shots the gunman then started to shoot little by little. He was looking for movement from people who were still alive. I had a girl lying on top of most of my body so I was covered.

“I had already been shot in the leg. I stayed completely still and waited for it all to be over. I heard him reload. That was the worst moment of my whole life, hearing him change the ammunition,” she said.

Jensen Bech had managed to take cover on the island. But he has been left severely injured as he fell 15 metres from his hiding place. It was like a horror movie, he said.

“It was hell on the island. It is like the worst horror film you’ve ever seen except you are in the middle of it,” he recalled.

Roald Linaker had to identify his son who was shot dead. The two had been speaking on the phone; his son had called his father from Utoeya when the shooting started.

“It is terribly hard, it is my boy who has gone and I could never have imagined that. I thought he wouldn’t be killed as I had spoken to him on the phone when the Utoeya shooting actually began. I was going to speak to him later. The last thing he said to me was, “Daddy, daddy, there’s shooting, I have to run.”

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