Spain's 'indignants' rally in Madrid

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Spain's 'indignants' rally in Madrid

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Several hundred Spaniards angry about the economic crisis have converged on Madrid after spending four weeks marching to the capital from their hometowns.

Spain’s so-called ‘indignant’ movement came from across to protest against the political class and soaring unemployment.

Laura, a protester, described the rally as “a very positive initiative.”

“I think it’s time we took to the street against all these abuses taking place. People want jobs, dignity. They are tired of being ignored and having no prospects,” she said.

They gathered at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, the site of the initial protest over two months ago.

Organised on the social networking site Twitter, the demonstrators described that day as ‘the May 15th Revolution.’

It began in the run-up to Spain’s regional elections in response to the perceived failure of politicians to represent their voters.