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Oslo attack sends clear message to Labour Party: analyst

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Oslo attack sends clear message to Labour Party: analyst


Many analysts are trying to understand what drove the suspect to carry out Norway’s twin attacks.

For Mariano Aguirre from the Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre, it is the sign of a worrying new trend:

“I think we should place this in the context of a growing hostility against immigrants and Islam in Nordic countries, Scandinavia and other countries, like France, for instance.

“I think this is an attack with a clear political message for the Labour Party and the government of Stoltenberg, who is seen by the attacker or attackers as too soft and accommodating on immigration and Islam.

“Norwegian politics, and especially this government’s policies, compared with other European countries is extremely generous.”

“Norway is seen as a country with no immigration problems. But I think that is going to change now and a strong debate about immigration and how to deal the issue of migration is going to emerge.

It’s likely that we will see stronger security measures at borders, airports and within the general society itself.”

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